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Noca enables the Irish healthcare system to continually improve by maintaining a portfolio of prioritised national clinical audits


NOCA manages a suite of national clinical audits. Each audit focuses on a unique area of healthcare such as hip fracture, major trauma, hospital mortality, ICU care and joint replacements. Governance structures are established both in NOCA and locally in each hospital to oversee the management and sustainability of the audit. All our audits are led at a hospital level by clinicians and supported by their management teams.

Irish Hip Fracture Database

The Irish Hip Fracture Database (IHFD) was set up to measure care for all patients over the age of 60 who suffer a hip fracture, across the 16 operating hospitals.

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Irish National ICU Audit

The Irish National Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Audit is a quality and patient safety initiative that measures the quality of care in each ICU, benchmarking against international standards. Activity within the participating ICUs is carefully measured to help improve the standard of critical care within hospital groups and across the country.

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Irish National Orthopaedic Register

The Irish National Orthopaedic Register (INOR) aims to improve the quality of services and care provided to patients having joint replacement surgery. By using patient scoring systems and recording on implant performance and patient outcomes, INOR aims to monitor the safety of implants and support hospitals should an implant recall occur.

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Major Trauma Audit

Major Trauma Audit (MTA) is a patient safety initiative that aims to increase quality assurance and improvement initiatives in the area of patient trauma care, through the delivery of high-quality data. The ongoing care and outcome of critically ill patients requires a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, coordinated and integrated system approach — underpinning that approach is quality assurance enabled by quality data gathering.

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National Audit of Hospital Mortality

In collaboration with the HSE Health Intelligence Unit, NOCA has worked to support the implementation and provide the ultimate monitoring of a National Audit of Hospital Mortality (NAHM). NOCA established a multidisciplinary NAHM Governance Committee that included relevant specialties and groups to ensure audit aims and objectives are achieved. Today, NAHM analyses and displays mortality patterns across 44 publicly funded acute hospitals.

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National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre

The overall goal of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre (NPEC) is to collaborate with Irish maternity services to translate clinical audit data into improved maternity care for families in Ireland.

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Irish Heart Attack Audit

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Irish National Audit of Stroke

The Irish National Audit of Stroke (INAS) is a clinicaly led quality audit which measures the quality of stroke care, as well as the structure of stroke services, provided to patients in all hospitals that admit acute stroke patients. Activity within the participating hospitals is measured against evidence based standards to help improve the standard of acute stroke care within Hospital Groups across the country.

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Our healthcare system has a wide diversity of stakeholders, with the patient having the greatest stake of all. NOCA has recognised, since its inception, that collaboration with public and patient representatives and healthcare professionals is essential for the success of clinical audit and continuous improvement of quality in healthcare. As the public and patient representative on the NAHM Governance Committee, I can assure you that hospitals are given every support to monitor their in-hospital mortality. The inclusion of hospitals feedback in this report is a testament to the continued engagement with NAHM.

Mr Alan Egan, Public / Patient Intesest (PPI) Representative, NAHM Governance Committee

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